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Backpack Grand Island, MI

Feel the freedom of the backcountry as we embrace the path less traveled.  Walk along sandy beaches and enjoy the refreshing, clear water of Lake Superior.  From the quiet shores of Grand Island, discover the sandstone cliffs with breathtaking views of the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.


Grand Island is a wild and scenic place.  Spectacular overlooks, pristine sandy beaches, enchanting cultural sites all amongst the deep woods, and magical inland lakes make Grand Island a cherished destination!


Grand Island is one of our moderately difficult trips with a maximum of 10 participants and 2 guides.  We will hike in a loop around the perimeter of the Island, roughly 20 miles over the course of the trip with a rewarding rest day on the beach!

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Trip Date Options


Aug 5th - Aug 9th Adventure!

This 5-day 4-night adventure circumnavigates Grand Island. A secret gem behind the crowds of Pictured Rocks, we enjoy a quiet and scenic escape into the wilderness embraced in the arms of Lake Superior.

Base Price includes All Trail Meals, Ferry/Bus Ticket, Trekking Poles

Rental Gear Available as a Package or Individual Items. 
Complete the Gear Questionnaire with registration.


Rental Gear


Rental Gear

$75 Rental Package

  • All Gear, as needed

Individual Rental Items

  • Hiking Backpack

  • All Weather Tent

  • Sleeping Bag

  • Sleeping Pad






A Brief History 

Grand Island is part of the Hiawatha National Forest. It is located in Lake Superior just off the north shore of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula near the mainland community of Munising, Michigan.  Grand Island comprises 13,500 acres of National Forest land, and boasts a rich cultural and natural history. Native Tribes have long used the island as a fur trading post and the surrounding fisheries as a resource for year-round living.  In the 1990's, Grand Island opened up for outdoor recreational use such as biking, hiking, camping and fishing, creating more access to the outdoors.  Since then, many outdoor enthusiast have ventured to this spectacular place to see its beauty with their own eyes.  Away from the crowds of Pictured Rocks, this island offers the tranquility and peace of Lake Superior under the crisp northern sky. We are thankful for the upkeep of the land from Native cultures and are grateful to be granted the opportunity to visit its beauty.  We are excited to explore this prestigious land with you and keep it wild.

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