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  • How do I register?
    Contact us directly at!
  • Should I tip my guide?
    Yes. We encourage tipping trail guides. Yes! This is the service industry and our guides work very hard to make your experience unique and special. We have our team go through staff training and are required to have a valid wilderness first aid certification or higher. Our staff is carefully selected to help curate this once in a lifetime experience. We do not build this into the price of your trip so you can have the satisfaction of giving our guides the gratuity they deserve! They accept cash, venmo, paypal, personal checks.. If you give it, we’ll accept it ;)
  • Are there age restrictions?
    Yes. You must be 18 or older to attend a PackRatz Adventures trip.
  • How many people go on each trip?
    Each trip will have a maximum of 10 hikers and will always have at least 2 PackRatz Adventures guides.
  • Do I need prior backpacking experience?
    You do not! PackRatz trips are designed for people of all experience levels.
  • If I have prior hiking and backpacking experience, will PackRatz trips be too easy for me?
    Nope! We design our trips to fit all ability levels. We are a group so we will stick together, but there are plenty of opportunities to “hike your own hike”. Some trips will have rest days or shorter days where you can put your feet up and relax, or if you feel like you want to hike more, day hikes are always an option.
  • What do I need to bring?
    Please reference the packing guide for each trip and note this is not intended to be a complete list. You don't need to bring your own food! PackRatz will provide all ingredients for all meals and a personalized trail mix bag for your trip with some small snacks. Plus, we provide coffee and tea! PackRatz also has rental gear available (tent, backpack, sleeping bag, sleeping pad) as individual rentals or a rental package. If you have your own gear and would like to use it, we encourage it! But if you want to make things a little easier, or if you want to try something new, we got you covered! Contact us for specific information about our rental gear.
  • Will I need to share a tent?
    We do encourage tent sharing. At some of our camp sites there are a limited number of tents allowed, so we will ask some of you to share. This is also a benefit on the trail because then you can split the weight in your packs as you hike!
  • What are the mandatory items?
    You must have the following: Trekking Poles (PackRatz can provide if needed) Head Lamp Re-Usable Mug Re-Usable Bowl Re-Usable Spoon Re-Usable Water Bottle(s) Rain Gear
  • Why are Trekking Poles mandatory?
    We will be hiking along rocky and uneven terrain while carrying pretty heavy bags. Even if you don't use trekking poles regularly, they are important tools to help you balance when carrying all the extra weight on your back. Plus, we will also use them to help us set up camp!
  • Do I really need to pack rain gear even if rain is not in the forecast?
    YES! We ALWAYS bring rain gear no matter what. Rain can come at any moment on the Great Lakes, and we always say:"There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!" Rain gear is also an excellent extra layer for blocking wind, sitting in the dirt, and to use if it gets cold in the mornings or evenings.
  • Will you have water filtration?
    Yes! PackRatz will bring various water filtration systems for us to use on the trail. We will be getting water from the lakes and rivers nearby, and all our water MUST be filtered. All you need to bring is 2 re-usable water bottles for us to fill and filter!
  • Do I need my ID/Credit Card/Cash?
    Yes please! Not only is it always a good idea to have your ID on you, but we will need to verify your identity when you show up for our trips! Also, in the unlikely scenario of an emergency, you will need your ID. It might be helpful to have a credit card on hand. Many gift shops in the area are now ‘card only’. We do recommend bringing cash for parking, a park permit, guide gratuity… 😁
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