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What Are We All About...?

The Backcountry! 

Multi-day adventures allow us to visit places we may not be able to reach by car. We can visit quiet, remote locations more immersed in nature. 

Our goal is to help you connect while disconnecting, to let you go to sleep and wake up in the woods. PackRatz trips are designed to guide you towards rewards only backcountry hiking can provide, and we pride ourselves on representing the true spirit of wilderness in the beauty of Michigan.

Each hiker will carry their own pack filled with gear, food, and personal items. Trails vary in difficulty, but you should expect some tougher days...they make our beach days and rest days even more rewarding! Trips cater to all experience levels, and we can provide as much, or as little guidance as needed. Plan to learn group hiking techniques and trail etiquette while enjoying every opportunity to "hike your own hike" and let your legs loose. Trust us, there is plenty of Trail!

Sunset over Lake Superior

While we keep track of the group, we encourage you to have your own individual experience. We want you to let go of worrying about distance or pace. Sometimes it's best to just "listen and be", let our feet tell us how far to wander. We will use trail maps and natural markers to guide us, but we believe in embracing nature and letting go of the apple watches and fit bits. Allow our bodies, and natural elements like the sun and shadows to measure distance and time. As we become so much more reliant on digital mapping, it's rare to have a chance to simplify it all.


PackRatz will teach you how to live in the woods for a few days as we cook, tidy up, make camp, and break camp together. We also strictly practice "Leave No Trace" ethics as we are simply visitors of this land. Everything we pack in, we pack out.


This might feel like a lot for a "simple camping weekend", but don't worry, we do our best to take care of everything! PackRatz trips are fully guided, and we can get you anything you might want. Don't want to bring your own gear or snacks? Want to learn a bit more about the native culture? Prefer a more laid-back hike? We've got you covered! Or maybe you've got the gear and you're just looking for some folks to hike with? PackRatz can take care of that too!


We have high-end gear available for individual item rental or as part of a rental package, and we’ll bring all the food and cooking equipment. If you have your own items you like to use, and would like to bring them, please do! We can help you test out new gear or give you tips on what to get next.

...Really, we just want to help you get OUTSIDE! Choose from any of our listed trips, or create your own adventure. 



Founder & Lead Guide


Hi! I'm Erin and Packratz Adventures is my brain child.  Along with the help of so many others we have made this dream a reality.  My passion for the outdoors started at a young age riding horses and attending summer camp.  My best days were spent on horseback or jumping in a lake.  Then, at 15 I went on my first backpacking trip and have been hugging trees ever since.  I have been working in the educational and outdoor industry for nearly a decade and feel that it is my true passion and calling to get people outside! My goal with this project is to let people know how wonderful and fulfilling it really is to be outside.  Sure, it can be intimidating at first, but once you understand that we are a part of it, and it's where we're meant to be, it all starts to make more sense.  We wake and sleep with the sun, let our bodies guide us and think with our brains and not our phones.  I have had the greatest opportunity to spend time in nature all over the world and I feel that Michigan is some special place.  It is my absolute pleasure to be able to explore these lands with you.

I am passionate about the healing power of nature and believe challenging the mind and body in the trials of wilderness lead to spiritual, mental, and emotional growth. I can’t wait to guide your next adventure!

Fun Fact!

I like cold plunges! 

Favorite Fictional Rat/Mouse

Gus Gus from Cinderella 








My name is Jared Moss, I'm based out of Bend, Oregon and have been guiding camping trips for about 9 years now! When I am not on the trail I spend most of my free time fishing, rock climbing and snowboarding.  My aim is to create experiences that make people want to go back into the woods and leave them with skills and confidence to do it themselves! 

I cant wait to see you on the trail!

Fun Fact!

Jared is a gear pro and spent over 50 days snowboarding on the mountain this year

Favorite Fictional Rat/Mouse

Remy from Ratatoullie



Andrew Margolis_edited.jpg

Business Operations


What's Up!


I'm Andrew. I love traveling and adventure. I enjoy taking ideas and making them real...starting businesses, building websites, apps, 3D printing, writing children's books, you name it!

So far I've been able to travel to 37 U.S. States, 18 countries, and 6 continents...but I always find myself itching to travel more.

Oh, and I'm a big sports fan. Go Browns!

Fun Fact!

I did gymnastics for 18 years and competed for the University of Illinois..Maybe I'll do a backflip on one of our PackRatz trips ;)

Favorite Fictional Rat/Mouse

Jake from The Rescuers Down Under




Erin K

Erin Kanzig (she/her) grew up in the beautiful Cascade Mountains of Oregon and now lives in Detroit.  Erin's love of the outdoors - from swimming in icy alpine lakes to bike touring around Michigan in search of ice cream - is something she loves to share with others.  

Fun Fact!

Erin thru-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail in 2015 and is a long distance runner, cyclist, and beginner swimmer. She has a Wilderness First Aid certificate.

Favorite Fictional Rat/Mouse

Reepicheep, a courageous mouse featured in several books in The Chronicles of Narnia



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